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Our Tailored CRM Implementation Services.

Implementing CRM is easy with Qustomise. Get up and running ASAP with our pool of talented and passionate developers and strategists.

Implement your CRM with us.

Our team of fully certified, highly talented developers and strategists will guarantee you and your business a successful implementation by drawing on the many projects they’ve already encountered. Our team at Qustomise have worked on a plethora of CRM solutions – ranging from simple CRM systems to highly bespoke ‘mega’ systems.

Systems we work with.

Service Cloud

Manage and resolve all customer issues in one place with Service Cloud

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud provides end-to-end speed and efficiency for your sales team by closing more deals and improving performance and agility

Marketing Cloud

Streamline and simplify your Marketing efforts with Marketing Cloud

Grow your business with Qustomise.

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CRM for Non-profits FAQs.

What can Salesforce do?

Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software (SaaS) company that specialises in customer relationship management (CRM). Salesforce's services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners and potential customers.

What are the main benefits of CRM?

Finding customers for your business is not easy. And once you find them, there comes another challenge – Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with them. CRM software helps you centralise, optimise and streamline your communication. The better you know your customers, the stronger your relationships will be with them.

Can Salesforce be used by Non-profits?

Yes! Salesforce allows non-profits to: create donor-centric experiences through improved fundraising management, amplify program impact and deliver unique digital experiences, find and engage lifelong supporters with marketing tools and simplify and accelerate grantmaking for your constituents.