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Our Attuned CRM Managed Services.

You have a CRM system implemented, now what? Once you have invested in a CRM system it is important it is well maintained and continues to be fit for purpose. Get the most out of your platform with our bespoke CRM Managed Service.

What are Managed Services?

Our Managed Service provides businesses who have existing CRM systems with a set of talented and passionate experts to cater to growing businesses which not provides technical support but also increases the available resources a business has to further facilitate business growth. Managed Services will ensure you and your business;

  • To ensure future business transformations with reduced effort and increased transparency
  • To provide ongoing management to your CRM instances to ensure it is up to date
  • To ensure third-party solutions are being accurately implemented with your CRM system

Keep your CRM system in check, with Qustomise.

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CRM Managed Services FAQs.

Does Salesforce provide Managed Services?

No. Salesforce on its own does not provide managed services. Instead, Salesforce has a large community of partners, who can provide you with managed services.

How much does the Service cost?

It depends on your needs and the size of your CRM implementation. Each client is unique and we always offer a custom offer. Costs of Salesforce Managed services depend on the number of users, CRM solutions your company is using, business goals, sales targets, and many other factors. Talk to us today to get your personalised quote for Managed Services.

What is included in managed services?

In addition to a wide range of services that can be used as needed as your company expands, our Managed Services offering includes consulting services, technical support, strategic planning for your CRM development, user administration, user support, and troubleshooting of technical issues.