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Improve relationships and fund change.

Fundraising in an increasingly digital world requires an improved strategy that is embedded or led by technology. 85% of nonprofit professionals say technology is a key to the success of their organisation. The best technology puts people first.

Data driven fundraising.

Good quality and up-to-date reportable data is essential in helping fundraisers target and connect with the right people at the right time. In todays globalised and digital world, nonprofits need this consolidated data to have a full view of each donar and their passion.

Donation & Income Management

Funds are the backbone of a nonprofit’s mission. Donation & Income Management empowers nonprofits to capture all their data on income in one place, related to supporter information. With real-time access to your paid and pledged donations from any device, staff can be more productive at focusing on donations with the highest likelihood of closing,

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Nonprofit Cloud FAQs.

How does Nonprofit Cloud help with grant management?

Using our expertise, we can enable you and your organisation to define areas for grant distribution to help accelerate impact, by creating and reviewing reports. When used with campaigns, reports allow for tracking total income and define funds to raise from singular grant funding to cover costs and boost ROI.

Who is Nonprofit Cloud this for?

This is suited for any nonprofit organisation regardless of size. From small community-oriented organisations to multinational NGOs and foundations.

What are the benefits of Nonprofit Cloud?

Key benefits include; reduced operational costs, increased donor retention, greater transparency through analytics, and engage more time for you to engage with causes and your donors - automating tasks and processes with the platforms.