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Boost customer transparency with Sales Cloud.

Re-define your sales process with Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud helps businesses implement business strategies and guide sales reps directly inside Sales Cloud – improving visibility within your sales process and enabling your team to execute more sales, efficiently and accurately.

What is Sales Cloud?

A fully comprehensive CRM that allows you and your team to manage customer data, marketing, lead generation, and analytics all from one place (isn’t that handy). Sales Cloud is highly customisable, making it the perfect solution for all types of businesses. A well-configured Sales Cloud system will enable you to fully automate much of your sales process, helping you execute more sales, quicker and cheaper.

Grow with Sales Cloud.

Sales Cloud is a dynamic system with a wide variety of benefits. These include allowing you to sell faster by tracking and automating manual tasks that take up the most time day-to-day, allowing your team to get back to selling faster. Sales Cloud also enables you to build detailed reports and dashboards with just a few clicks to see the accurate visual progress which also allows you to identify areas of improvement – fostering a kaizen approach.

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Sales Cloud FAQs.

Is Sales Cloud only for large businesses?

Sales Cloud is great for any sized business. The platform can be scaled, simplified, customised and elaborated to suit any type of business.

What is the difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is primarily customer service foused, used often by call centers and help desk to manage customer queries, complaints, and requests. Whereas, Sales Cloud is more focused on generating leads and opportunities for sale and tracking these to repeat success and improve customer retention.

How can Sales Cloud help my business grow?

Sales Cloud will enable you to close more deals by tracking all your customer information and interactions, get more leads by nurturing potential customers, accelerate productivity by automating complex business processes, and also make more insightful decisions via reports and dashboards which give a real-time picture of the business at a glance.