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Boost conversion rates by 300% with Service Cloud.

Resolve cases faster and more accurately with improved communication from anywhere at any time, keeping your customers at the heart of what you do.

What is Service Cloud?

Improve your customer service and develop a stronger relationship with your customers with Service Cloud. Service Cloud allows you to better manage your service and support teams by streamlining your customer service process via automating tasks, and efficiently allocating cases to the correct team. When set up, Service Cloud is a powerful tool that ensures no customer is left unsatisfied.

Grow with Service Cloud.

Service Cloud is an immense system with a wide variety of benefits. These include simplifying customer service with automated tasks which help follow up with customers, increasing efficiency of communication with personalised one-to-one relationships with customers by responding on their chosen channel, and allowing you to collect comprehensive GDPR-friendly data which is essential in keeping current and historical data all in one place to further enable your team to formulate detailed and personalised responses.

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Service Cloud FAQs.

Is Service Cloud secure?

Security comes as standard with Service Cloud, trusted by over 200,000 businesses globally. Mant security tools have been integrated with Service Cloud allowing you to avoid data disasters from break-ins and malfunctions. Once in the system, user roles and permissions can be given to diffrent members of staff to ensure users are not seeing anything they shouldn't be.

How can Service Cloud help my business increase customer loyalty and retention?

When customers have questions, your customer service team must be equipped to answer them quickly and easily. When your customer service is friction-less, customers are more likely to return - enabling you to increase loyalty. Service Cloud gives service teams the tools to deliver an outstanding customer service experience, boosting efficiency and productivity which helps translate into reduced costs and increased profitability.

Will my customer service data be secure?

Success is built on trust and trust is at the core of what we do. Service cloud ensures that your customers' data is safe and secure. Service Cloud uses a multi-layered approach to protect your information, constantly monitoring and improving its application, systems, and processes.